SunAh Marie

SunAh Marie is smiling, wearing a pink dress with a pink iridescent sequin kimono. Her legs are crossed and she's sitting on a hot pink couch.

I’m SunAh Marie, an Assistant Professor of sociology specializing in race and ethnicity, author, researcher, and gin enthusiast.

I was born in Seoul, S. Korea but grew up in Memphis, TN. Perhaps a seemingly unlikely move but you’ll learn more on why and how my family ended up here on an episode of A Difficult Beauty. I stayed local for college graduating from the University of Memphis with a degree in sociology. After undergrad, I worked in a variety of social services positions, including as a child abuse investigator with the Department of Children’s Services, before leaving case management behind and working full time at a nightclub as the Executive Assistant (another unexpected move!). Eventually I returned back to school, this time at the University of Maryland, and obtained my Master’s and PhD.

If I’m not teaching college courses, writing my next book, producing podcasts, or being involved in my community, I’m at local restaurants, lounges, or art showings rediscovering my hometown. Since I’m not married and child-free, I travel frequently often catching up with girlfriends across the country and beyond. A Difficult Beauty is one more way to stay connected with old girlfriends and new ones (that’s you!) as we all share in the adventures of womanhood.